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Awards & Reviews


Awards for Tae Kwon Do!
2009 Garden State Award Nominee
2007 Bank Street College Best Children's Books
2007 California Readers Collection

Awards for Mother Goose Rhymes
2008 Association of Educational Publishers Golden Lamp Finalist
2008 Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award

Notable Mention

The California Readers (www.californiareaders.org) have named
Blackberry Banquet to the 2010 California Collections list.


Reviews for Blackberry Banquet
Sylvan Dell Publishing 2008. Picture book. Ages 3-6.
Terry with a fan.

School Library Journal
"A mouse, bluebird, squirrel, fox, and deer are all enjoying blackberries until Bear stops by for his share of the fruit. All scatter in fear, except the bluebird, who swoops in and takes the last berry right off the bear’s paw. The rhyming text and repetition make this an enjoyable read-aloud: “Squirrel skips into the brambles thick./That snacking squirrel gives a great big lick./Slurp! Mmm-mm!/Tweet! Mmm-mm!/Squeak! Mmm-mm!” The illustrations give the fairly realistic animals great facial expressions that work perfectly with the text. The surprise they show when the bear arrives is a comic delight. An especially nice touch is the berry stains on all the faces–except poor Bear’s. The last four pages, “For Creative Minds,” offer information on blackberries, the food chain, native and nonnative plants, how plants and animals help each other, and a smoothie recipe. This section is for a variety of ages and can easily be modified to fit a specific grade level."
–Catherine Callegari, Gay-Kimball Library, Troy, NH


"This snappy rhyming text has all the woodland animals zeroing in on a blackberry bush with its yummy, just-ripe treats. That is, until growly Bear turns up, sending them all scurrying in a farcical cascade of mishaps. But who will get the last berry--and the last laugh?
Pierce keeps the text light, with lots of appropriate onomatopoeia for all the animal noises when they're happily munching. Downey's lifelike art captures just a hint of whimsy in their gleeful gobbling. And, of course, there's more info on blackberries and their place in the "food web" and a yummy recipe for blackberry smoothie.
This is one of Sylvan Dell's better outings this season, with a more imaginative and sprightly treatment of a nature topic, but one that doesn't stray far from its factual basis."

Children's Literature
"In this delightful tale, several forest animals scramble to the blackberry bush in a “wee green wood” to feast on delicious berries. A mouse, bluebird, bushy tailed squirrel, fine fox, and stately deer all gather to munch on the delectable fruit. The animals, in the order they arrive, offer a squeak, tweet, slurp, yip, and chomp followed by a satisfied “Mmm-mm” as they snack on the berries. The repetitive build up of sounds in this cumulative tale allows listeners to “read” along after only hearing it a few times. Short text, punctuated with vivid verbs, keeps the pace flowing and the tale interesting. Children who hear it will enjoy acting out the scenes. Bright, realistic illustrations enhance the text. The author’s unique presentation allows readers to come away knowing much about which forest animals dine on berries without feeling they have been taught something. End material includes facts, a recipe and ideas about a food chain, as well as other topics. Teachers can’t go wrong with this entertaining book and the activities that contain math, science, geography, and language arts lessons.

Reviews for Tae Kwon Do!
Random House Step-Into-Reading 2006. Step One Reader. Ages 3-6.

Kirkus Review
"Parents, teachers and librarians desperate for first-level, child appealing readers will cheer out loud — and quite possibly execute a few joyous spinning kicks of their own — as they snap this one up.

Reviews for Mother Goose Rhymes
Terry with the Mother Goose Rhymes Series.

Picture Window Books 2007. Picture book series.
Ages 3-8

Association of Education Publishers
"Mother Goose Rhymes was selected in the Best fiction, reading and language instruction category. This charming series gives a fresh take on the traditional Mother Goose nursery rhymes--organized by theme in six fun titles!"

"This appealing collection presents 20 nursery rhymes featuring numbers. With a full-page or double-page spread devoted to each rhyme and a large format that gives plenty of space for illustrations, individual verses are showcased the way they should be for the very young.
The rhymes are familiar and well chosen...A pleasing addition to nursery rhyme shelves."
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